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Doing financial business in Curacao

Linked to the Netherlands
As a former domain of the Netherlands, Curaçao has a regulatory structure that is founded on Dutch law.

During World War II, Dutch companies seeking protection moved their assets to Curaçao. Since that time, the island has continued to develop its infrastructure for managing wealth.

Offshore Past
Previously, Curaçao was an offshore environment. Holding companies; shipping, insurance, and licensing companies; banking, mutual funds—all these operated under the offshore banner. 

Fully OECD Compliant
In 2001, Curaçao enacted tax-law reforms. The structure for tax rates was simplified. And the island’s offshore status changed: all structures now comply fully with regulations set by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 

As part of its self-imposed tax reform, Curaçao introduced a new, OECD-approved structure. The Antilles Exempt Company (AEC), permits companies to operate on a tax-exempt basis.

United Trust does financial business in safe jurisdictions only. Curaçao has always qualified in this category.