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Private Wealth and Trust Services

The Meaning of Wealth
Wealthy individuals–and financial specialists–agree: owning wealth is seldom a carefree proposition.

Having assets implies caring for them. But deciding who best to provide that care can be complex-particularly in an era when institutions have failed.

Who Uses Private Wealth & Trust Services?
Wealthy individuals, lawyers and accountants who represent clients, decision-makers within multinationals, midsized corporations, entrepreneurs....

Knowing the Laws
Knowing all relevant laws is a prerequisite to success. Meanwhile, regulations are now stricter than ever, as well they should be. Understanding these rules–in all their detail–can feel impossible.

What United Trust Offers
Knowledge is needed. United Trust shares financial responsibility with you. The services we offer match your scenario, always.

We create and sustain solid structures with you. Trusts and foundations, partnerships and holding companies: United Trust structures are safe and reliable, honouring your reputation and ours.

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