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Toward a United Superyacht Industry

How can the superyacht industry unify to create a more level playing field—and become more competitive? That is the question this paper addresses.

Alternative Investment Funds: Setting up to Succeed

“The expansion of choice has become an explosion of choice, and while there is something beautiful and immensely satisfying about having all of this variety at our fingertips, we also find ourselves beset by it....But can we really complain?”

Real Estate Investing, 2011

“Numerous studies have shown that companies that keep spending on acquisition, advertising, and R & D during recessions do significantly better than those which make big cuts.” James Surowiecki

Onshore versus Offshore

Societies have long argued over the legitimacy of offshore business activity.

Who Starts a Bank in 2009?

For some people, the question carries this subtext: Who has the audacity?