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Doing financial business in Ireland

Close to English Common Law
Ireland’s legal system is founded on English common law. In recent years, European Union laws have also influenced Irish governance.

Economically Developed
Over the last decades, Ireland has enjoyed strong economic growth. In turn, it has developed a robust and sustainable service economy. Foreign direct investment has followed.

Bridge to Continental Europe
Some corporate decision-makers view Ireland as the bridge between the US and Continental Europe. They cite the country’s central geographical location, its language, and its EU membership as advantages. 

Containing Corporation Tax
An important Irish business incentive is the 12.5% corporate tax rate—one of the lowest in Europe. This, combined with the country’s other business assets, has attracted US and European companies. They have selected Ireland for their European headquarters, trading bases, or research and development operations.

Ireland meets and exceeds United Trust’s standard for a safe place to conduct business.