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Doing financial business in Luxembourg

Banking Centre
Luxembourg is situated centrally within Europe. The country’s economic and political circumstances are renowned for their stability. 

The Luxembourg banking industry is one of Europe's largest. Indeed the country's legal, fiscal, and commercial framework is well established. Corporate and legal structures have flourished in Luxembourg.

Strength in Funds
Collective-investment funds abound on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Professionals in Luxembourg have developed a range of corporate fund structures. These include the Société d’Investissement à Capital (SICAR), Specialised Investment Funds (SIF).

Positive Tax Overview
Luxembourg’s private and corporate investors enjoy fiscal advantages.
A company’s overall tax burden may be reduced via various mechanisms. For example, a parent company with subsidiaries may receive special tax treatment—the complete exemption of tax on dividends and/or capital gains. Other mechanisms include deductions, loss carry-forward, and taxation of a group of companies (tax consolidation).
United consistently conducts business in Luxembourg.